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Being a Professional Developer - with Cal Evans

In this episode, I have a fireside chat with voice of the PHP community, the one and only, [Cal Evans](http://blog.calevans.com/), about one of his books - [Going Pro](https://leanpub.com/goingpro).

The Mythical Man Month with Paul M. Jones & Speaking Engagements

In this episode, I have a fireside chat with internationally recognized PHP expert, and all around good fella Paul M. Jones, about one of his all-time favorite books - The Mythical Man Month.

Getting Underway, The E-Myth Revisited, and Networking For Success

In this, the first episode, Matt talks about what lead to the podcast getting started who motivated him and inspired him to get started. After that, he discusses a fantastic book that all freelancers should read.

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