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Episode 40 - With Joel Clermont. The Principles of Effective Learning, Mastering Laravel + Much More!

Come listen to Joel Clermont share the principles of effective learning, so that you can learn quicker and better than you do now. Joel was kind, generous, and charming during our fireside chat. I know you're going to get so much out of it.

Episode 39 - With Stuart Herbert. Psychological Safety, Before there were PRs + Loads More!

In this episode, I talk with Stuart Herbert about so many great topics, including psychological safety, PRs before the term was coined, writing code used by organisations such as NASA and he Australian Weather Service, and loads more!

Episode 38 - With Steve McDougall. Streaming, Learning Laravel and PHP + Much More!

In this episode, Steve and I have a wonderful, warm chat about how he started streaming, what got him to use Laravel instead of Slim PHP, what it's like contributing to open source, and loads more!

Episode 37 - With Matthew Turland. TypeScript, Functional Programming + Loads More!

In this episode, the first one of the new series, I chat with Matthew Turland about loads of things, including TypeScript, Functional Programming, and the Principle of Least Surprise.

Episode 36 - Five Tips When Starting To Work From Home

In this episode, I give my five core tips for successfully working from home + a special bonus tip. If you're just starting out working from home, this is the episode for YOU!

Episode 35 - Talking with Stefan Koopmanschap about Starting a Software Dev Company, Conference Speaking, Running User Groups and Loads More

In this episode, I talk with Stefan Koopmanschap about starting a software development company, conference speaking, running user groups plus loads more! Stefan shared a load of excellent advice in this warm, fireside chat.

Episode 34 - Talking with Matthew Turland About Updating Technical Books and Programming in Multiple Languages + Loads More!

In this episode, I talk with Matthew Turland about the effort involved in updating one of his technical books and programming in multiple languages (PHP and Ruby) plus loads more! Matthew shared a load of excellent advice in this warm, fireside chat.

Episode 33 - Talking with Matt Stauffer about Laravel, Hiring Developers + Loads More!

In this episode, I talk with Matt Stauffer about how he started Tighten, how he got into Laravel, why he's such an active member of the community, what he looks for when hiring developers and loads more! Matt shared a load of excellent advice that you can start using today in your career.

Episode 32 - Do I Start a Software Consultancy, The Warts and All Account, with Najaf Ali

In this episode, I have an extremely interesting, inspiring, but most of all educational chat with my mate Najaf Ali, founder of Happy Bear Software, about what it's like to go from being an independent software consultant and freelancer to running a software consulting business.

Episode 31 - Talking Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Privacy and Anonymity with Bruno Skvorc

In this episode, I have a very educational, informative, and entertaining chat with all-things cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Mr Bruno Skvorc. I admit, I don't know a lot about the different technologies and terms. But that didn't stop Bruno sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience about them all with me - and so much more.

Episode 30 - Talking Freelancing, Running Your Own Business, and Public Speaking with Robert Basic

In this episode, I have a very informative chat with Robert Basic, a very thoughtful and insightful software engineer, consultant, open source contributor from Serbia.

Episode 29 - Talking Zend Framework, Career Progression, and Conference Nerves with Matthew Weier O'Phinney

In this episode, I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with one of my mentors, Zend Framework project lead, Matthew Weier O'Phinney. In addition to being a very experienced developer, Matthew's a very thoughtful and considerate person.

Episode 28 - Is it Time to Make a Career Change?

In this episode, I'm keen to talk with you about career changes. This is something that I'm currently going through and have been through in the past. It's not uncommon, especially in the tech field.

Episode 27 - Write the Docs Prague, PHP Developer Day 2017, Meeting People, and a Book Promo!

In this episode, I'm very excited to be back after so long away from the mic! I'm so excited that I'm overflowing, effervescing even with ideas, enthusiasm, and passion to be back behind the mic with you.

Episode 23 - Talking About Getting Developers to Communicate (and more) With Opelie Lechat

In this episode, I have a fireside chat with Ophelie Lechat, SitePoint's manager of operations

Episode 22 - Talking Online Training and Growing an Online Presence with Wes Bos

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Wes Bos. If you're not familiar with Wes, he's a designer, developer, entrepreneur, speaker, and teacher.

Episode 21 - Talking With Dan Allen Asciidoc Project Lead

In this episode I sit down with Asciidoc project Lead, and all round good fella - Dan Allen. If you love technical writing, technical documentation, and documenting your code, then this is an episode you're not going to want to miss.

Episode 20 - Talking About Finding Balance As A Freelancer

In this episode we pick up where we left off in [episode 19](/episode/episode-0019), with a slight segway. But, instead of starting to look at how to use Twitter, and other social media tools, let's talk about something more important.

Episode 19 - Talking Trump, Brexit, and Getting Started as a Freelancer

In this episode I decided to go a little off track and have a bit of a rant, a bit of an "letting go" session in light of the recent US election and Brexit. I'm no fan of either, and I share why in the first half of the episode.

Episode 18 - Talking Conferences and Mental Health with Matthew Turland

In this episode I wonderful chat with Matthew Turland about what it's like speaking at conferences and mental health - especially within the IT community.

Episode 17 - Talking Conferences and Security with Chris Cornutt

In this episode I chat with Chris Cornutt, founder of PHPDeveloper.org, websec.io, and Lone Star PHP about conferences and all things security.

Episode 16 - Talking Testing and Building YOUR Dream with Chris Hartjes

In this episode I chat with Chris Hartjes, the Grumpy Programmer himself, about the ins and outs of testing and what it's like to spend part of your working week building your dreams, instead of someone else's.

Episode 15 - Talking Sunshine PHP, Project Estimates, and Conferences with Adam Culp

In this episode I chat with Adam Culp, founder of the Sunshine PHP, in sunny south Florida, about starting and running conferences, project estimates, and being professional developers.

Episode 14 - Talking Slim 3, PSR-7, Constraints & Decisions with Rob Allen

In this episode I have a fireside chat with sagely Rob Allen, about being one of the leads on the Slim 3 project, and about the constraints and decisions developers need to make.

Episode 13 - Talking Nomad PHP, Laravel, and Conferences with Joe P. Ferguson

In this episode I have a fireside chat with the voice of Nomad PHP, Joe P. Ferguson. Joe shares how he got started as the voice of Nomad PHP.

Episode 12 - Talking about the Magic of TDD and Testing with Tom Oram

In this episode I have a fireside chat about all things TDD and testing with the sagely Mr Tom Oram, otherwise known as @tomphp.

Episode 11 - The Life of a Developer Evangelist, with Developer Jack

In this episode I have a fireside chat about what it's like to live the life of a developer evangelist with Jack Skinner, otherwise known as @developerjack, whilst he was at the first BuzzConf.

Episode 10 - Talking Shop with Stephan Hochdoerfer

In this episode I have a fireside chat about a range of topics with Stephan Hochdoerfer.

Episode 9 - Removing False Perceptions About People, The Roland R-05, and Zend Expressive

There's no guests in this episode. Instead I explore a range of topics, including one quite dear to me - how we can build up preconceptions of what other people think of us.

Talking Technical Writing and Simplifying Deployment with Erika Heidi

In this episode, I have a fireside chat with the wonderful Erika Heidi, where we talk about technical writing. We also talk about simplifying deployment, naturally, with her preferred tools of Vagrant and Ansible.

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