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With Matthew Turland. Talking Conferences and Mental Health.

In this episode I wonderful chat with Matthew Turland about what it's like speaking at conferences and mental health - especially within the IT community.

With Chris Cornutt. Talking Conferences and Security

In this episode I chat with Chris Cornutt, founder of,, and Lone Star PHP about conferences and all things security.

With Chris Hartjes. Talking Testing and Building Your Dream

In this episode I chat with Chris Hartjes, the Grumpy Programmer himself, about the ins and outs of testing and what it's like to spend part of your working week build...

With Adam Culp. Talking Sunshine PHP, Project Estimates, and Conferences

In this episode I chat with Adam Culp, founder of the Sunshine PHP, in sunny south Florida, about starting and running conferences, project estimates, and being profes...

With Rob Allen. Talking Slim 3, PSR-7, Constraints, and Decisions.

In this episode I have a fireside chat with sagely Rob Allen, about being one of the leads on the Slim 3 project, and about the constraints and decisions developers ne...

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