With Oliver Davies. Horror Stories From the Road

In this episode, very reminiscent of early episodes of the podcast, Oliver and I have a rip-roaring chat about so many common experiences as developers. From managing the bus factor, pair programming, preparing hand over information before going on holidays, to working remotely vs working in an office, this is a wonderful episode.
It was a pleasure to sit down and chat with Oliver, a full-stack software consultant based in South Wales, in the UK. We talked about so many things which I'm sure so many developers can relate to, even those who've only been developing for a relatively short period of time.

Some key takeaways are:
  • Both working remotely and working in an office have benefits and drawbacks. It's really up to the person and the organisation as to whether it will work or not, and both have to be professional and trust each other.
  • Pair programming is a wonderful opportunity to learn the most unexpected things and to grow as developers
  • Being in the same room as others can often feel much "warmer" than over a video link
  • While working remotely can be more challenging to communicate fully, it can be done, if you're prepared to engage.
Hosted By: Matthew Setter.

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With Oliver Davies. Horror Stories From the Road
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