Episode 35 - Talking with Stefan Koopmanschap about Starting a Software Dev Company, Conference Speaking, Running User Groups and Loads More

In this episode, I talk with Stefan Koopmanschap about starting a software development company, conference speaking, running user groups plus loads more! Stefan shared a load of excellent advice in this warm, fireside chat.

Here are some key takeaways:
  • To start a user group, you only need three things: 1) a location, 2) a speaker, and 3) food. That’s it! What's also helpful is a mailing list to stay in touch.
  • In his talks he tells a story. But he's also a perfectionist; He wants to make as much of an effort as he can.
  • In the early days, he enjoyed speaking and did it for the fun of the talks and being at the conferences.
  • He often found work through being an international conference speaker. With that he built his name and loads of people came to know him (or know about him). When people searched “PHP Developer Netherlands” they found him, found that he was a speaker and a conference organiser. He didn’t have to convince them, as all of these things pre-qualified him.
Hosted By: Matthew Setter.

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