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With Chris Hartjes. Discussing How to Learn Software Testing, Pest PHP, PHPUnit & More!

In this episode, I had a long and winding discussion about software testing with the legendary Grumpy Programmer Chris Hartjes. We talked about the importance of learn...

With Arne Blankerts. Talking Container, Podman, Kubernetes, Linux Containers, and so much more!

Want to know about why Podman is a better choice than Docker? Then this episode is for you. Come and listen to Arne Blankerts explain why - in great detail.

With Darryl Ware. The Changing Tech Landscape in Brisbane, Australia, Tech is Very Transitory, and C-based Languages

Want a rollingly good chat about C-based languages, PHP, life in tech in Brisbane, Australia, and what it's like to keep up in tech? Then this is the episode for you. ...

With Doug Bierer. Teaching Yourself to Code, Microsoft vs. Unix/Linux, and Not Throwing More Hardware at the Problem

Come listen to Doug Bierer share his years of experience and knowledge as a developer coding in Basic and Assembler, working with Novel & Dr DOS and Windows and MS-DOS...

With Mihalis Tsoukalos. C-based Languages, Code Documentation, & Unix Over Windows

Come listen to Mihalis Tsoukalos share his wealth of knowledge about systems programming in C-based languages, what it takes to be a great developer, the importance of...

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